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  • DreamStar Dream Sharing Groups
We have been offering online dream sharing groups ever since DFOC was founded in 2020. The online dream sharing group is one of our most popular services. They consist of 8 weekly 90-minute sessions (renewable), using Dr. Scott Sparrow's FiveStar Methodtm to guide the dreamwork process. Your group may continue beyond 8 sessions by mutual agreement and our availability.

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the resources that we have provided for leaders and participants of our online dream sharing groups. If you are interested, please select the dream sharing group option on our Intake Form.

  • Trauma Processing Group

Trauma from childhood, relationships, events, and situations can affect us in many ways. While we may feel alone, others who have walked our path can help us grow stronger.

Starting May 28, 2022 from 1-2:30 (Saturday’s) join us for weekly group sessions to help in the healing process and journey within the unconscious by using different methods such as dreamwork, expressive arts, education on trauma, and community! Together we are stronger!

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  • Worthy Women Survivor Support Group

This 12-week group, beginning May 23, 2022, offers a safe online environment where survivors of domestic violence can connect and share experiences in hopes of empowering and healing.

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  • Codependency Bootcamp

Codependency is the belief that one must protect others from unpleasant experiences. However instead of helping, one enables the problematic behaviors and it becomes difficult to separate one’s feelings and needs from others. Some common traits of codependent behaviors include: making excuses for poor behavior, absorbing other people’s problems as your own, overextending yourself, and avoiding discussions about personal issues or problems."
The codependency bootcamp is an 8-week support group to help you work on any codependent behavior and learn relationship skills.
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